Your Fastest Way to a Career in Digital Marketing

How to Get a $60,000 Career Without the Need of a Degree or Any Previous Experience


What's inside the Career Launcher?

In this training, we cover how Cody Mitchell was able to go from never even hearing of Digital Marketing, to obtaining a Full-Time Career as a Digital Marketing Specialist Position in just under 3 months by using the following 3 secrets:

Secret #1 - Career Hacking

How to skip a college education and quickly learn exactly what skills these employers are so desperately seeking for free.

Secret #2 - Experience Hacking

How to beat the experience paradox and stand out from all other applicants by creating self-made experience.

Secret #3 - Job Seeker's Goldmine

How to always have an endless stream of high paying job opportunities looking for your skill set.

How Is This Possible?

Supply & Demand... There are MORE JOB OPENINGS than there are QUALIFIED PEOPLE to fill them!

There's usually 60,000-80,000 Digital Marketing job openings in the U.S.A. daily (20,000 - 35,000 are Entry Level) — Even during this Pandemic. 

Now employers are desperate to find Qualified Workers because these skills aren't properly taught in college!

So if you show up with the skills & knowledge needed for these positions, they're not gonna care if you don't have some degree...

And you don't need to be a rocket scientist either. Employers need sharp, tech and web savvy people to manage their digital advertising. So if you grew up with a Smartphone, you can do this job.

Skip the Degree

It's no secret our education system is BROKEN and has so many BRAINWASHED to believe that we need some sort of bachelor's degree to get a high paying job.

People are spending 4+ years of their time, drowning themselves in student debt, only to be left working at a gas station somewhere because they can't find a job in the field they graduated in.

And yes, I’m aware that for some careers that’s 100% necessary, but the good news is that digital marketing is not one of those careers.

We live in a world where we have an infinite amount of knowledge available right at our fingertips thanks to something called the internet. And because of this the same thing applies to digital marketing.

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